Welcome to Hoolidetta Marriage Foundation! Here, Hooligan and Punished Bernadetta provide a wide variety of professional services, including, but not limited to: marriage counseling, technical support, game modification development, English-Russian translation, graphic design, pub carrying, Raid: World War II 100%'ing, Yakuza gameplay watching, rock and stoning, hooliswag advocating, artificial intellegence systems review, fox viewing, marten appreciating, Metal Gear franchise gay subtext analysis, Super Mario 64 quantum mechanics rambling, 80s Japanese music distribution, Spotify terms of service violating, Hatsune Miku enjoying, calling people silly geese and goofballs when they act sillyyyyyyyyyyyyy, passionately making out, legal consulting, and, as you can probably tell by now, web development! Thanks for viewing this whole thing!
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Welcome to Hoolidetta Marriage Foundation's official web-site on the World Wide Web! Here, at Hoolidetta Marriage Foundation, Hooligan and Punished Bernadetta unite to bring Internet surfers from all around the world the best in Hooligan and Punished Bernadetta content, including our worldwide famous modifications for First Person Shooter video game PAYDAY 2, like Silent Assassin: Definitive Edition.

Silent Assassin: Definitive Edition

This mod will take your stealth experience to the next level! The best quality of life mod of all time has returned to modworkshop once again and it's here to stay!


CARRY STACKER: LIVE AND RELOADED takes the renowned CARRY STACKER mod into exciting new territory with an all-new action experience. The mod seamlessly melds pure action and epic bag carrying that surrounds you – a heister transformed into a half-human, half-cyborg soldier who uses their strong back to carry any bag that stands in their greedful path!

Useful Bots: Future Edition

Useful Bots: Future Edition is designed to fix Overkill's TeamAI mistakes. It is a complete overhaul of the system. Bots are rewritten from the ground up to properly serve their one purpose. It's obvious to everyone that Overkill put no thought into designing them.

DLC Unlocker Deluxe

The mod that started it all is back to kick ass! DLC Unlocker Deluxe completely reimagines PAYDAY 2's gameplay experience for new and old players alike! Experience your favorite game like never before.